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Temporary Workforce

At Premiere People we understand that many businesses feel the impact of impending skill shortages and the necessity to operate with flexibility.

We appreciate that to operate efficiently, many organisations need to attract, engage and operate with a temporary workforce.

We work with your business to understand your staffing needs and we can support you with a flexible workforce that is in-line with your own direct workforce. We develop our approach to suit you, whether that means sourcing an individual, an ad hoc project or the provision of an entire team. We have the skills and the experience to match your requirements.

Our high street locations allow for maximum candidate attraction as well as our excellent in-house candidate database which is kept up-to-date by our sourcing management teams.

Our rigorous registration process ensures all candidates are fully vetted and compliance checked. We guarantee that all candidate paperwork such as identification, qualifications and Right to Work are current and correct.

Our innovative in-house software also ensures that the Agency Worker Regulations are followed throughout the process to ensure your business is fully compliant. This system can also provide visibility of your temporary workforce through useful management information.

We are also specialists in volume recruitment; our large and diverse labour pool means we can deliver volume requirements quickly and efficiently. We have the facilities to recruit and induct up to 100 staff per day from individual branches. We work closely with our clients to ensure we always have the resources available for peak or bespoke requirements.

Premiere People is one of the few recruitment agencies that engages their temporary staff on a contract of employment and not a contract for services, therefore giving them full employed status. This has allowed us to attract an engaged and skilled workforce.

Premiere People's employment of temporary workers on a contract of employment basis mitigates our clients' risk of legal exposure. This has been a grey area in employment law, but recent case law has leaned towards finding the client to be the employer.

Experience has shown that employing staff on a contract of employment encourages loyalty and continuity of service from the temporary worker.