Onsite Services - Premiere People

On-site Services

At Premiere People, we know understanding our clients and their needs is vital. We know that to truly add value to your organisation, we need to understand how you operate.

We take this attitude into all the recruitment services we offer, creating tailor-made solutions that work for you. In some cases our clients can benefit from our on-site recruitment service. We can implement and manage your workforce with an on-site presence, and make your business our sole focus.

We provide an account manager who becomes embedded in your organisation by working at your site, becoming trained in all your policies and procedures, and observing how your business works. We can seamlessly integrate our services into your business on a national or local basis. We can manage all labour movement throughout your business and still have access to an extensive network of workers at our head office.

Your account manager will be a 24/7 contact, conducting all sourcing, compliance checks, assessments and interviews through the head office network or on your site. They even handle induction, payroll, admin and compliance.

We fully focus on providing you with the best recruitment solution for your teams and can conduct personality profiling, assessments, job and person specifications, and relevant compliance for your organisation. We also handle all elements of labour supply, safety, training and performance, as well as bespoke services relevant to your business. This enhanced support allows us to work in partnership with you against agreed KPIs. We continually monitor your needs and supply your workforce, delivering real cost-savings for your organisation.

You benefit from multiple cost-savings and efficiencies, as well as continual, transparent improvements in service and the quality of your workforce. The expertise of an on-site account manager increases operational productivity, raises the quality of your candidates and provides you with the knowledge that you are working in partnership with an agency truly aligned to your business goals.