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Managed Services

We provide on-site recruitment and workforce managed services to the warehousing, distribution, transport and logistics sectors.

Managed services help you to utilise the expertise and workforce of multiple agencies through a single managed site. Our consultants become an integral part of your HR function – with a total focus on recruitment.

Our teams can work on-site with you to develop the knowledge and understanding of your business and its workforce needs. We can provide a single point of access to all resources and the management of your second tier supplier base, allowing you to focus on your core business.

A managed service solution allows your business to save money, enhances productivity, reduces administration, and delivers a tailored and dedicated service bespoke to your organisation, with added value benefits.

This service means we can engage second-tier suppliers at lower margins. We reduce cost-per-hire, gain consistency in compliance and terms of business, and mitigate risk. This can help you to ensure each role is filled as quickly and efficiently as possible with the best candidate to meet your needs, whether that position is filled from our own database or through the successful engagement of our supplier network.

Master Vendor
With a master vendor relationship, you benefit from the appointment of one supplier who can manage your resourcing needs. Many organisations deal with multiple recruitment providers and are often unable to achieve the best and most consistent value for money. A master vendor relationship can provide cost savings, on-time delivery and excellent quality to your workforce by handling supplier management, sourcing, payroll, reporting and invoicing.

If for any reason this is not possible, we can access our second tier network of suppliers to continually ensure your needs are met. You will gain greater consistency for both temporary and permanent sourcing, as well as significant cost savings. As the single point of contact, we can manage all second tier agencies, agree service levels and response times, and consolidate all the administrative aspects of recruitment.

Managed services can be offered where we are the direct provider of staff or on a ‘neutral vendor’ basis where we do not provide any staff directly and manage only your suppliers.