Technological Advances in the Industries are a God send for "New Breed of Workers"

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Industries in multiple sectors are growing alongside technological advances, many companies feel they need to keep up with the latest trends. The technological boom of smart phones, laptop advances and tablet advances has definitely impacted the everyday workplace environment.

Growing up in the generation where technology has become a huge way of life myself, has developed and moulded perfectly for the (conventional) everyday workplace. The average person in the UK aged 16-64 spends on average 3 hours 59 minutes a day. (Global, WebIndex, 2014)

In Northern Ireland alone, businesses are becoming more aware of social media platforms and their success in creating brand awareness and potential sales. (OFCOM, 2016) statistics show  that 65% of people in Northern Ireland use Facebook as their preferred social media platform. Accessibility through the huge increase of smart phones makes social media and website searches as easy as a click of a button, literally.

Many small, local businesses in Lisburn are jumping on the bandwagon and adopting social media strategies to try and enhance their brand/sales.

With new technology, comes new responsibility. Organisations spend a lot of time training their current employees on new technology brought into the business. Many young adults are trained and qualified in computer skills that weren't accessible to the older generation in education. Particularly in Northern Ireland, a new range of multi-national organisations are entering the market and setting up shop in the country. Companies such as GE Energy, Coca Cola, James Leckey Design, Montupet and many more organisations all based in the Lisburn area and implement new technologies into their business plan on a daily basis.