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Premiere People NI work in conjunction with the Lisburn South Eastern Regional College (SERC) in recruiting young adults straight out of education. We tailor each young individual and place them in first time jobs to develop their skills and gain vital experience. In the past we have visited the college open days, with plans to focus on our young graduates career progression and helping them kick start their job hunt.   

You're fresh out of university, college or school. What's your next plan of action? Full time working and starting your career. So how do you go about finding a job? Do you use the internet search engines, listen to your peers, newspaper advertisements? Have you tried recruitment agencies?

Myths about recruitment agencies!

After speaking to many new clients, a lot of people have the wrong opinion about recruitment agencies, myths and word of mouth can be a dangerous tool and sometimes it's best to ignore your peers.

  • We DO NOT take a portion of your earnings from you, there is no charge for our services!
  • We consider all our workers equal, we aim to provide the best possible service and support. We have a reputation to maintain!
  • We don't just worry about filling up positions, our company culture is all about collaborating with clients and our individuals to recruit the ideal person for the job.

Premiere People NI are subsidiary of the Cordant Group, we believe in utilising the best, bespoke techniques to keep our clients and workers happy. Our Lisburn branch is spear headed by Claire Gourley, the branch manager with 23 years of recruitment experience and knowledge in the industry.