Is an Aging Workforce the Concern?

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The aging population in Northern Ireland could be a concern in time to come, with reports suggesting by 2022 that the population could rise to approximately 1.9 million. (The NI Statistics and Research Agency, 2015)

Statistics show that the forever aging workforce in Northern Ireland will eventually catch up with us. Premiere People NI create job opportunities for all ages, in a range of different successful job industry sectors. A trending issue through the Northern Ireland market is the lack of middle management roles due to the aging workforce. Premiere People NI believe this is highly important. By 2020, the UK state pension for both men and woman will rise to the age of 66, with further rises expected over the years and years. Or are there alternative options for you guys?

Temporary roles may be a permanent solution. Many companies now accommodate flexible working hours, part-time working and other solutions for an aging workforce. Individuals with 40 years+ expertise are valuable assets to any organisation, maybe consultative or training roles may benefit organisations in the long term. 

Recent years have see the construction industry take a major hit, however in Northern Ireland it is set for growth over the next five years. Predictions for the Northern Ireland industry is set to rise 3% higher than the UK. This is great news for employment and new jobs with growth set to increase again with a 1.5% over the next four years.

The construction industry in Northern Ireland has a strong background expertise with some 12,000 firms achieving sales in the region of £2.5 billion. (Invest NI, 2016) As a result, more supervisory and middle management positions are and will become available. Huge construction companies can delegate their workforces and create new opportunities for the middle management roles such as team leader and foreman positions.

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